IN THE (ONLINE) NEWS (Created 17 June 2020)

September 22, 2020

People are out to Prove President Trump Wrong on HydroxyChloroquine

My Opinion: Like it or not, my opinion is this. President Trump called for a travel ban in January 2020 and Biden called him an hysterical xenophobic and a fear-monger. Therefore Biden was playing-down the virus. Although the WHO at that time did not release information that the virus was a human to human contraction, I think President Trump acted in our best interest. Here is Joe playing it down on January 31st and still in March, also saying we shouldn't panic March 18th and how the news twists reality Bret Baier shared Biden's tweet and Secretary TJ Ducklo covering up for Biden using fake fact checks that are left-wing biased

August 12, 2020

QAnon in Office?

Tucker: Kamala Harris may end up running this country

Pence Warns of what will happen to the middle class during a Biden presidency

The Ingraham Angle' exposes Kamala Harris' 'radical' views

July 30, 2020

Just a few more months folks. You have to ask yourself this question

Are you Better Off? Airing Nationwide on Fox News

I have no opinion here. All I know is that I saw Biden's name on the PizzaGate list and heard stories about him being a pervert. Not exactly what we need wen we are trying to kick human traficking in the butt.

Trump Kills Florida

My Opinion: Trump seems to have no filter. Soe of the things that come out of his mouth are shocking to hear from the POTUS. Trump has also suggested to the public that we use Hydroxychloroquine for treatment and because Trump said it, no one wants to hear it accept for his followers. Furthwe, there are a few parties that are vested in the vaccine so they want information hidden because a cure for the virus is not in the plan. A vaccine is as well as the total control of humanity (another story). Whe people say Trump failed to lockdown on time, I agree, even thouh the virus was here since Oct/Nov 2019 and he may not hve been informed since the WHO seems to do what they want.

We were locked down too late and we reopened too early. The POTUS stated that he used Hydroxychloroquine and he used it for 14 days and said he did not have side effects. I believe he gave us the answer right away, in the month of lockdown I believe. Maybe you should put the blame on the WHO, Gates, Fauci and others who have an agenda to depopulate. I am not saying the POTUS is an far but he mentioned a possible cure and before he was in office, maintained that he would go after those who traffic children. 

July 12, 2020

"We are all in trouble" Prepare Now! (Robert Kiyosaki) 

New York broke! Commercial property down. Higher real estate taxes will make people move. The dollar, coins, gold, silver and bitcoin discussion. 

My opinion: Look, they say the bigger you are, the harder you fall. You thought the Great Depression of 29 was bad. Look what we are banking on now. We are huge. Look to independently take care of yourself and family, maybe even some friends, and learn how to barter. Learn how to become one with nature which is what the powers that be do NOT want. They would rather move everyone into cities and decide how everyone shall live. That will not work though.

Shocker: Virus Links To Anti-Christ Mark Of The Beast, (666) Exposed, Say No To Bill Gate Vaccine

This video could have been separated into two parts because the first part of the video shows that Corona has 6 letters and as you assign each letter a number as to where each stands in the alphabet, the total is 66. The grand total adds up to 666. Numerology and other things such as this seem to be esoteric to many people. Although they are true and humanity was brainwashed to believe these or occult topics or evil or what have you, people tend to step back. The second part of the video includes Fauci.

JUNE 15, 2020

Tucker on the Incredible Popularity of Black Lives Matter

I am anti-news and always have been; however, since the virus, I have taken the time to watch the news. I refuse to watch the news on Mainstream media, as it is censored. I look for news on Youtube and use discernment as to which news is censored (fake news). I happen to like Tucker. 

In this clip, Tucker maintains that Black Lives Matter (BLM) is more popular than the president, by 20% as shown in a poll. Further, Tucker states that BLM is more popular than Biden and the Pope. It is not hard to understand how their popularity is growing and how BLM has become more popular than our current leadership. There seems to be NO leadership and that is a problem. You cannot run a country at your leisure. If a nation must depend on leaders and police, they must lead with compassion and be trained effectively to govern a multi-cultural population. Most importantly, leaders MUST have social intelligence. I do not mean they must be great orators and dictators, I mean they must possess social intelligence.  Leave comments below please and thank you.