Are We Experiencing a Broken System or are the People Running it Broken? (13 Aug 2020)

The discourse regarding the application of governance over citizens of nations has been a topic of philosophy since at least 4500 BCE. Here is the most important question that must be asked. Which political ideology includes and embraces human rights for the whole of humanity? If that question has been asked, it seems it has never been given an ism. This is the problem we have in the world. The United States embraces a two-party competition while practicing several isms. Other countries embrace only one political ideology or ism. The problem is that not one of these practiced ideologies can be defined as one in which the so-called leaders ensure that all humans/ rights are protected. In fact, human rights do not even seem to be a priority within all of the available frameworks of political ideologies.

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There are so many issues taking place today; not just in our nation, across the planet. What are your thoughts?

The United States is Becoming a Communist Country

For those of you who are still asleep and for those of you who need definitions of political ideologies, this discussion will cover all I can think of. Please add your comments below, especially if you think there are important definitions or issues I have not addressed. 

Let us begin with who we are because this is most important. We are humanity with different life experiences and ideologies. To choose one ideology for an entire nation is unfair to many of its citizens. There can be no true happiness for everyone when people have to live according to the ideologies that others believe in because only those people will be happy. First, though, we must discuss something higher than political ideology and that is our birthrights. We were all created equal with free will and the right to be treated equally. This is irrefutable and because this is so, a country must embrace these facts before deciding on political ideology. We have the right to be happy and the right 

What does equality mean? It means that not one human is superior to another. No queen nor king, no political leader or popular religious figure. To believe this is to bow down to another human who has the same 10 fingers and 10 toes as you. This is to say that you are inferior. Humanity is one species, one race, and all of us are capable of creating and contributing to our world. Speaking of, this is OUR world. Earth is to be shared by all of humanity to co-exist with animals and plant life. The resources on Earth are for all of us, not a select few. There is enough land here for everyone; yet, there are certain people who have an abundance of land and can show they have rights to the land from the days of feudalism. Then we have communist governments who claim to own land and "let" the citizens of their countries use the land. 

Whether you are a believer in creation, evolution, or both, all of humanity has a right to a plot of land to ensure the safety and equal rights of the population. There is no refuting that. This will solve the homeless problem as well as the issues social class brings. If the Queen of England can own one-quarter of land as a result of feudalism and nations steal lands from other nations, apparently land is free. The powers that be set grat examples, do they not? We can steal land that everyone has a right to but you have to buy land, rent dwellings, or be homeless. This is such hypocrisy! This, my friends, were the beginnings of social class. 

What do we have so far? We were all born equal, with free will and all have the right to a plot of land. It is imperative that all humans own land. Not only to be fair to everyone, end homelessness, and social class but to embrace self-sufficiency and save the planet. When a political ideology becomes more important than the land we call home, there is a problem. We have a huge problem and we are facing famine and the destruction of Earth. This may be your death wish; however, we do not all agree. Therefore, the ideology must be congruent with the bigger picture which is sustaining life on this planet. There shall be NO leader to embrace before embracing Earth. There will be nothing to embrace without a home. You can apply this ideology on a population of billions or independently (individuals and their families). 

1. Born equal

2. Free will (including freedom of speech, choice, religion)

3. Land plots

4. The right to be happy


First, we must remember what the United States stands for. The "American Dream" is this nation's ethos. This includes the following set of ideals:




Equality, and,


"in which freedom includes the opportunity for prosperity and success, as well as an upward social mobility for the family and children, achieved through hard work in a society with few ...

The Constitution


H.R. 5717

H.R 6666

Several presidents have mentioned the NWO (New World Order). Yet, many people, for some reason do not take this seriously. What is it going to take to wake you up. Bam, Wake Up! 

Do you want the NWO to become reality? 

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Who is Q?

Now that Q is becoming a household name (online) and people have positive as well as negative things to say about t hem, I thought I would do a piece on them. As you know if you have been following me or know me for the better part of 36 years, many people call me a conspiracy theorist. For some reason, I used to take it to heart until a few months ago when my youngest daughter who was 16 at the time said, "So what if they call you a conspiracy theorist. That doesn't mean you are wrong." It takes a teenager not brainwashed from the matrix to say that. Her explanation was a positive one focusing on the fact that I may be right; rather than automatically thinking I am wrong. Again, anyone that knows me has experienced times where they sat and listened to me rattle on about the deep and shadow states and how they have controlled humanity and how humanity is indoctrinated into the matrix at birth. Part of this indoctrination is the hijacking of your belief system before you can form one for yourself. 

It is my very deep belief, as if a knowing, that we are headed for "Holocaust 2020" and that the goals of the shadow state to roll out the New World Order (NWO) as they roll out everything else is by using the Hegelian Dialect (problem, reaction and solution) where they create both the problem and solution. This virus is one of the problems and the other is the 'almost' broken economy. Does this sound familiar? It should because as usual, history repeats itself and this is because indoctrination into the matrix leaves people brainwashed; which, is the goal the powers that be set in place. I can talk all day, as I do, about the dangers that lurk ahead and people have the wool pulled so tightly around their eyes times three that they have no idea what is coming and their only comeback is that I am a conspiracy theorist. 

This is not the extent of my conspiracy theory. I will not discuss it in this article but I do believe that President Trump is in office to take down the machine and drain the swamp. For these reasons, I am compared to Q. Actually I am told that I sound like the "Q Cult" and that they are Nazis like Hitler and apparently, according to them, I am a bigot. In response, I tell them that I am not part of the cult, they did not brainwash me. I have been talking about this publicly for 36 years but have known about all of these issues for at least 47 years, long before I ever heard of Q. Let us see what Q is about. Are they Nazis? I don't think so but let us take a quick dive down the rabbit hole, shall we? I will keep this page open as if you are here with me and share details as I find them. I would like to first watch a video.

I watched two short videos so far and what I am hearing again is that Q is racist and violent conspiracy group. This is what the left-wing biased CNN had to share about Marjorie Greene who is a Q supporter and won a seat in the house.

This is Marjorie Greene's YouTube account if you want to know more about her.

This video shares two more Q supporters running for office. They are also women. 11Alive

This one takes the cake.