Keeping Track of Holocaust 2020 Using the Hegelian Dialect (15 July 2020)

We have had a huge issue for millennia. It is called spiritual warfare. In order for certain people to win and continue to be THE ruling class, they constantly must depopulate, slave humans and divide in order to conquer. They create problems, we react and they always seem to have the solution. We all share this world. Why is it that we are never asked about the solution? Makes you think, doesn't it?

Problem (them) CoronaVirus: Inform after a few months of spread 

Reaction (us)  Fear

Solution (them) suggest masks, social distancing, close economy 

Problem: News of Pandemic   

Reaction: Trump bans travel   

Solution: Undermining President Trump: Biden, downplaying the virus, calls Trump an hysterical xenophobic and fear monger for banning travel. Pelosi parades Chinatown inviting citizens to come play. Trump suggests HCQ already being used in several countries and Fauci and conspirators said he doesn't like the studies in the field and said they fail to show efficacy. Fauci said who cares about peer-reviewed articles.

Problem: Police Brutality       

Reaction: Peaceful Protests 

Solution:  Hired looters and rioters? Gates partial owner of brick company left at protests    

Problem: Discussion of Defunding Police 

Reaction: Fear/Rage/Agree/Disagree 

Solution: Police State  

Problem: Economy closed 3 mos./Virus

Reaction:  Fear/Rage/Rely on Govt     

Solution: Working up to a cashless Society, suddenly change shortage in stores. I was informed a few months before this took place from a 7-11 rep

Problem: Result of late inform/virus-early re-opening

Reaction:  Fear/Rage/some happy 

Solution: Playing with actual numbers/ Spike in Cases     

Problem: 2nd parcial lockdown/Fauci "still 1st phase"

Reaction: Frustration/non-compliance

Solution:  Still arguing about HCQ, calling Trump a dictator (Purposely making the president look careless)

Problem: Doctors talking about HCQ success 

Reaction: Hope, sharing information 

Solution: Censorship from Google, Facebook & Twitter                                                                                                                                                                                             MORE COMING