Are People That Hate Unintelligent or Ignorant? (15 July 2020)

Although I wrote quite a bit about social intelligence (SI) while in grad school, I will reference a few articles since some wannabe smart alecks were told to believe that only objective and proven to be factual information is true. This is not the epistemological view for all of us as many of us are aware that subjective information and research are necessary as well.  I will; however, appease you and take the time out of my day to read and document the works of others as if I cannot think for or make a claim myself. This is how you have been brainwashed into thinking you are a dummy and only those of us with degrees are superior to you as a result of a few initials we can put at the end of our names. 

I was writing about social intelligence (SI) in college; actually, even as early as associate's study because my major was business admin. Pretty much, I was on some level of management at all of the jobs I was employed. There is a difference between good and bad managers and that difference is SI. This also applies to all types of leadership as well as in everyday life. You cannot be an effective leader without SI. Social intelligence includes the following list of characteristics as written by Psychology Today:

1. Verbal fluency and conversation skills~ If you can work a room, you have SI. This is an easy one. You can start as well as join conversations with ease. They are appropriately tactful and can converse with a wide variety of people.

Me ~ Appropriate does not mean listening to a person's point of view and thinking or saying the N-word, cracker mother effer, boarder-hopper, or towel head. That is just hateful and meaningless and to others around you, YOU seem to be unevolved and unempathetic and quite ignorant. Who wants to have a conversation with hateful people? People may feel bad for other people who say stupid things but not when it is coupled with hate. If you cannot take the time to see the similarities in people rather than the differences, you need a science class. If you are more proud to be called racist or hater, rather than an intelligent, patient, curious and tolerant being, stay home or. People are not born racist, it is a learned behaviour through brainwashing. The people brainwashing you do not think you are smart by any means. You are just a pawn to do the things they are not doing because they do not want to look stupid or commit crimes, to them, that is your job.. I urge you to stop because there is no longer room for such ignorance in this universe.

2Knowledge of social roles, rules, and scripts~ This means that if you are at a gathering, you play the role to fit the audience, friends, funders or what have you. This makes you intelligent because you can work your way in and out of many social networks.

Me ~ You can compare this to very well versed intelligent people who change their vocabulary to fit the setting. It only makes sense. So, if you are in a room with people having discussions about culture or people populations, chances are they are talking about a vacation, anthropology, or any number of things. To state that people of certain cultures are savages is inappropriate. One, it is uncalled for and two, because I am going to assume that at some point in history, all people groups have been savage. Stealing land while killing and raping people is savage. Then turning around and calling them savage is simply stupidity and hypocrisy at its finest. See, so we all have knowledge of and opinions about what savage is. I think hunting animals and smearing blood on your face is savage, but hey.

3. Effective listening skills~ Everyone likes to feel they came away from a conversation with something. 

Me ~ For one, it takes more than one person to have a conversation so it is not only important to speak well but just as important to listen effectively. If you are always the one talking and not listening, you need to put your ego in check. If you shut people down by telling them to shut up and sit down or walk away when someone is talking, you are an inconsiderate person with nothing to offer humanity until you decide to do no harm. Further, you cannot learn much about people if you do not listen to them, rather, you walk away with nothing except for your ego and a bad taste in the mouth of others. 

4. Understanding what makes other people tick~ "Great people watchers, individuals high in social intelligence attune themselves to what others are saying, and how they are behaving, in order to try to “read” what the other person is thinking or feeling." Also, "Understanding emotions is part of emotional intelligence, and Social Intelligence and Emotional Intelligence are correlated — people who are especially skilled are high on both."

5. Role-playing and social self-efficacy~ As stated above, it is important to know how to role-play and intelligent people can do this. People with SI have tolerance thereby making it easy to pick up on things that may be different from their typical beliefs. Fitting in gives them confidence and results in self-efficacy. 

Me ~ This type of intelligence requires people to understand other people no matter the color of their skin or their cultural background.

6. Impression management skills~ People who possess SI care about the impression they make on others. This is one of the most complex elements of SI because they show his/her authentic self. Meaning, although they can role-play because they understand different people groups, they still have the ability to be authentic. The role-playing is not fake, it is an understanding while being authentic.

Me ~ People who are hateful and racist do not have the tolerance to understand others, or at least they think they don't. Therefore, they do not possess social intelligence. I don't want to hear the I am book smart crapola because if you are book smart then you would not be racist because you would know that there is no real evidence that the human race is split into different races. There is more similarity across distant people populations than those of close people groups. Further, if you can read...THOU SHALT NOT KILL. When you kill someone, you commit two crimes against the Ten Commandments and set into motion approximately 12 universal laws. By killing someone, you also steal from them their lives. THOU SHALT NOT STEAL. Even if you don't believe in the Bible (burned then rewritten), killing and hate are WRONG. First Do No Harm is always law.

What else makes hateful people unintelligent or ignorant? So much! No one is born racist and hateful. It was taught to them or came from bad experiences. The latter is easier to change. When you are brainwashed and told to believe that certain races other than your own are superior, the people telling you this sound like morons with deep issues. Let's just call everything you say hypocrisy. Just call it like it is. You were most likely taught that science is the only thing that is true and that only objective research has epistemological value. Then why do you ignore science when they say there is no such thing as separate races. Race is a social construct; however, racism is real. How redundant does that look? Let me guess, you refuse to listen to everything that you hear unless it is based on facts from whomever but you will listen to your puppeteers who have no evidence with regard to most of the negative things that come out of their mouths. The world only sees brainwashed stupidity. If that is how you want to look, hey...

Are you told that the Bible is true? Do you believe in the Bible? If so, again. you are a hypocrite. Where in the Bible does it say it is ok to hate and kill people? Thou SHALT NOT KILL. Your puppeteers are letting you do the killing for them. They do NOT care if you kill. How they can live with themselves is beyond me because trust me, you cannot have a clear conscious when you tell others to kill. They can justify that by suggesting you kill rather than tell you to kill.  You are doing their dirty work. They are 100% wrong and you are as well. 

If you were taught as a young age to be racist, you are simply ignorant and that can be changed. If you were talked into becoming racist at an older age, you do not possess social intelligence. How can you? As a person in his/her older teenage years you should already have experienced descent social skills and understand when to be compassionate and empathetic. If not, you simply lack intelligence with regard to having a descent relationship with others. You lack social skills and empathy and do not care how people feel when you insult them. Therefore, people that prey on others to coerce them into being racist are looking for young children, abused children and those with low to no social intelligence.

You can read the SI article here