Most of Humanity is the Chess Board (11 July 2020)

Being born to KNOW the agenda of the powers that be can be seen as a gift or a curse. These powers have it set in their minds that they are in charge of and somehow have the right to do as they wish with this planet and its rightful inhabitants (us). You grow up asking, what do I do with this information. Then you notice the information slowly comes out of your mouth on a need to know now only basis. 

Philosophical statements are the norm for those of us who have always known the agenda. How can we tell humanity the truth, the whole truth, and, nothing but the truth without being called crazy, conspiracy theorists and tinfoil heads? We try, heck, I was trying at 7 in 1973. My peers outside of school were parents because the maturity level of children was not at all stimulating. I look back now and see that it must have made sense to share my views and truths with adults in order for them to teach what I was saying to their children rather than tell children in school who may take what I was saying out of context and wrongly share it with their parents who would have told their children that my views were wrong. This would prove to be ineffective and I understand as an adult why I did things the way I did. Hindsight is 20/20. 

One of my daughters becomes embarrassed when she walks with me in grocery stores because I warn people about the products in their carts that are and may be hazardous to their health. Should I not share this information?

So, since at least 1973 I have spoken with people one on one about the agenda to depopulate and continue to enslave humanity. I have told them that Earth is a slave nation. The leaders are puppets for the deepest state (above the deep state). 

Once I owned a computer and use of the internet, the spread of my news and views were proliferated at a much higher speed. Then I went back to college and was able to share my mind via academic papers. I wasn't too big on Youtube at the time, although I did create a channel maybe 6 to 8 years ago which had nothing to do with spirituality or politics. It had to do with working from home. 

I did create the Sewing Social Worlds website (the mother of the community) in 2007 while in grad school. It was about this time that I changed my name online from The Philosopher to Ms. Philosopher. It was also at this time that I noticed that my philosophical statements were changing or upgrading at a quicker rate. As more things come together, as timelines for agendas become more clear and as people resist pertinent information that can save humanity, your mind ticks away looking for better philosophical statements that humanity may grasp.

In a top-down philosophy regarding the destruction of much of humanity which came about due to spiritual warfare, you can see the IDEA of the game of chess as the deepest state, the queen and rook as the deep state, the bishop and knight as the Government leaders and the rest of humanity is simply the BOARD to be played upon.   ~Ms Philosopher