Divide and Conquer (16, June 2020)

ARMS4Humanity focuses on more than race as an issue; however, the focus of this post is to show that we have been divided in as many ways possible leading to the loss of self. We were divided by race, which does not exist. We are divided by skin color, political affiliation, and social security number. We are divided by social class which is a direct result of superiority, not just racism. In unity, there is nothing we cannot accomplish. No human is superior to another. We are all equal so should be treated as such. The funny thing is that those who believe they are superior were taught that they are superior and shame on their parents. Further, shame on them for continuing to believe it once they can make their own decisions. What is there that one people group can do better due to the color of their skin? NOTHING, AS WE HAVE SEEN!!!