Stock up on These Things in Preparation for a Recession or Economic Depression (Created 10 July 2020)

1.  Land

2.  Knowledge ~ Learn how to use your land (farming, etc).

3.  Money & precious metals- The Youtube video creator buys his here  (

4.  Bulk Staple Food - The second most important thing to have in food supply with water being the first

5.  Personal Security Items: Firearms, ammunition and other personal forms of protection

6.  Medicine and medicinal plants (Bulk prescriptions if available in your state) 

7.  Denim, canvas, and cotton and other durable fabrics (for clothes or to repair them) maybe a sewing machine as well. You           can store it in bulk.

8.  Hunting and fishing supplies (for those of you who eat meat)

9.  Cast iron skillet or a Dutch oven

10. Essential survival items: rope, tape, knives, flashlight, good water filter, durable pair of hiking boots, ax, way to start a fire,          portable shelter, camping gear, gloves

Also, can openers (several)

Another informative video: 6 Mistakes to Avoid when Buying Raw Land (for a homestead).