We Have to Stop Reliving Bad Experiences from the Past in Order to Write a New Narrative (22 June 2020)

The best way to explain what I want to say is in "normal" terms, normal meaning actual spiritual. The problem is that the powers that be divided humanity into a plethora of categories making it possible for many people to believe that being spiritual is witch work, demon worship, or simply against their man-made religion. We were pure spirit before birth, and still spirit in a temporary vehicle (with ego) when we are born until we die, and when we leave, we are pure spirit again. You see, this cannot be refuted. The reason people argue when they discuss religion and politics is that there are plenty of things to negate due to fabrications and competition. Spirituality holds the key to all of the answers you seek. 

There are universal laws. They are never-changing, like math. Too bad the powers that be hide them from us and do not include them in the public school curriculum. Heck, they do not teach them in secondary school either. This is such a crime against humanity and only the beginning of the crimes against humanity that the powers that be have committed. 

In life, you get back what you put out. Your life experiences are a result of your belief system which are your thoughts and the vibrations you put out into the universe. Your thoughts are connected to your emotions. If you are unaware of this, please sit quietly for a few moments and see how some of your thoughts make you feel. You will be able to feel your emotions in the pit of your stomach. 

As a collective (all of us), we create or hold on to the popular or unpopular narratives. In other words, if you believe the U.S. was built on racist ideologies and you continue to talk about it and fear it, it allows the narrative to remain. In other words, when the media brainwashes the masses with the finest makeup and the collective talks about it, use it and share the idea or makeup with others, the idea or product become the "narrative" in the world of cosmetology, etc. The same applies to all ideas. So, if we do not like a narrative, we have to change it! So...study the pictures below and make it the last time you talk about them. They are disgraceful. These people were murderers who saw their lives superior to the lives of others. They weren't born that way. They were taught to be disgraceful POS! 




World War II: The Holocaustimage


I have had conversations with older African American men who are still barking about the days of slavery. He told me that what I was saying to him was easy for me to say because I blend in with society. This society in America is a melting pot of various shades and cultures so I am not sure exactly what he meant by that. Anyway, I said to him that I don't want to hear about slavery anymore, and teaching it to their kids and holding a grudge only makes it worse. I said it has to end somewhere, so why doesn't it begin with you. We cannot go on this way. 

STOP identifying as black and white. There is no such thing as a black person and no such thing as a white person. Identify as humans! That is what you are! Do you see the options on applications and the census? You did not create those identifications to define yourselves so why are you claiming them? STOP! Please, just STOP!  Look, African Americans are 17 to 23% "white" and do not claim it. I don't blame them because why would you want to claim something that has insulted and murdered you. You should not have to identify as anything other than human, a good person and a person with a heart. 

In the grand scheme of things, the powers that be designed it so that we identify as anything except for who we really are. We are divine beings living a temporary human experience. In other words, God experiencing God from many perspectives. In essence, when they murder humans, they are murdering God, source, or whichever term it is that you use. They are the downfall of man and we are on our last chance to prove that humanity should survive. Humanity becomes cancer when left to those who have to be in charge. We are supposed to rule ourselves. This is the first problem. We get rid of cancer or we die from it. It is time to take back our power and rid of the cancer.

You see, this is spiritual warfare! This is not about race! This is the great distraction. The underground powers that be who rule the puppets we call our leaders have to divide us in order to conquer. This war has been going on for hundreds of thousands of years and has to do with hiding who we really are so that they can control the masses. We are supposed to go in to find God. They want to go out; however, if you don't go within, you will be without! That is why they tell you in church, that you will be saved. No, you won't be. You have to save yourselves and the only way to do that is by knowing who you are. Go in! Meditate. Become one with your inner being. 

You do not have a soul. You are a soul. The only thing that stands in your way from living as your true self is ego. You have to stop living through ego. You have to stop identifying with crap names that were given to you by others. You see, western civilization is the only place where the truth about who you are is hidden. Was Buddha nailed to a cross? India, Africa and the Mayans have very similar beliefs. They have similar spiritual symbols. Why do you think that is? Why do you think that the New World Order is such a big thing to the leaders? You must have heard them talk about it. Obama, the Bushs' and many more. One world criminal justice system when they can't even get this one right. One world currency...no cash, chips or cards instead. One world religion? No, I do not think so. I do not believe in religion. Bibles were stolen from the masses a long time ago and the words rewritten so that we could be clueless as to whom we really are. 

Some people believe in Christ and some do not. That is your prerogative. There is a difference between Christ coming to save you and having Christ consciousness. What this means is that rather than wearing a man nailed to a cross on your neck for whatever your beliefs are, if you must wear it, wear it because you at least understand what he was trying to teach you. Do not wear a dead body on your neck without understanding him and why he was murdered like the witches in the U.S. were murdered. If you know too much, you have to be murdered, right? Christ wanted you to know that we are all divine beings having a temporary human experience and that we all have the powers that Christ has. It should make you wonder who created the cross with Christ nailed to it so that you can remind yourselves all of the time to stay in your place and keep the narrative.

You know, the kingdom of heaven is within. You do not have to go outside of yourselves to find it. Again, you must go within. Now, the powers that be rid of that which will wake you up. You can't be awakened or you will no longer be a slave in the matrix. You will know to rule yourselves. Why do we buy land when this is our land inherently? No one owns land here, you just think you do. Almost everything that you believe is wrong, I am sorry.

Look, there are too many humans suffering from this great deception. Everyone is a pawn in this game in the matrix. So, they get people like Hitler and the Neo-nazis to abhor the Jews and people of color. They are the pawns and apparently think very little of them so it is not about race at all. These powers that be do not give an eff about the 14 words and 88 precepts. It s not about being "white;" rather, it is about ridding of the ones who know the truth. They do this so that they can rid of the knowers. Jew, Africans, Indians (from India), the Mayans, and almost everybody knows the truth about us being spiritual beings living a temporary human experience, it is hidden only in western civilization. Heck, the swastika comes from India I believe and other stolen symbols like the all-seeing eye were also stolen from other cultures. They use people as pawns to rid of all of these people so that they can continue to run Earth. They do not care about these poor souls who are brainwashed to hate and murder. They do not care about their last guilty thoughts before they take their last breath. They do not care if these murderers can look at themselves in the mirror. 

So please, do yourselves a favor for the collective consciousness, stop talking about and reliving bad experiences. We have to change the narrative, not keep the same one. They are strong enough to create ghastly ideas and they are a smaller collective. We, as the larger collective, keep the narratives alive. It is time to change that. This is a revolution about the spirit in humanity, about God (source or whatever it is you call us), not about race (just a distraction), and the quicker you realize this, the quicker we will heal and create our world.